Boating center Kulkemus

The Kulkemus boating centre serves boaters in the centre of Sulkava during the summer.

There are 34 boat places available. There are toilet and shower facilities and a kitchenette for boaters. The accommodation fee is 17€ including electricity and the above mentioned services. There is a waste sorting point on the site and a septic tank emptying facility at the adjacent Gulf boat refuelling area. At the Gulf filling station, you can use your card and a barcode token purchased at the restaurant to fill up. For an additional fee, boaters can book a laundry room and a wood-fired sauna.

The restaurant Art Deco Hotel & Restaurant is located in the yard of the boating centre.

Alanteentie 9, 58700 Sulkava

045 6793919

Megapetrol Oy

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