In the lap of Lake Saimaa

Transport connections

Sulkava is located in Southern Savonia, surrounded by Lake Saimaa. The transport connections to Sulkava are good; in addition to driving, you can get there by bus or by boat along the wide, open waters of Lake Saimaa.

Getting around in Sulkava

When you’re staying in the center of Sulkava, you’ll be fine without a car, because the services are just a short walk away. There is a lot to see and experience in Sulkava’s surroundings, so a car, either your own or a rental one, is the most convenient solution.

Lake Saimaa calls for you

Being on the water gives you great nature experiences, fresh air and exercise. Summery Lake Saimaa calls for you, and by water you can explore new excursion destinations. Boating is a great shared activity for the whole family, and it doesn’t take much to get started.

Alanne shopping street

The area between the shore of Lake Saimaa and Mikkolantie road in the center of Sulkava is a tourist attraction classified as nationally significant. The area has several buildings with mansard roofs, traditional courtyards and local shops.

The stories of the rowing island

Sulkava is known for the Rowing Race, where thousands of people row around Partalansaari island for a distance of 60 kilometers. But do you know what stories the island holds?

Come to work

Combine work and fun – come to Sulkava!
You can find remote working spaces in Sulkava and in the village of Lohilahti.

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