The residents’ living room in Sulkava

The living room has been established for the common joy of everyone and is intended for organizing open events.

In the evenings and on weekends, organizations, associations and companies can organize their own events in the space free of charge once a month. If you want to organize an evening event open to everyone, we hope that you, when making the reservation, will inform us, so that we know to announce the event.

The living room is located on the second floor of the municipal office. Entrance from the upper yard from the end of the building where there is S-market or during the day through the lobby of the service point. The living room is open during the office’s opening hours and in the evenings based on reservations.

The space is not available for organizing private events. When making a reservation, enter the name of your organization in the name field and the necessary additional information in the notes field.

Remote working space

Adjacent to the living room, there is a smaller, soundproof room that can be used as a remote working space.

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