Lauran OMMELLUS seamstress’s store

In Lauran OMMELLUS seamstress’s store, different kinds of purses, bags and pouches are made by hand – as are home textiles, face masks, scrunchies and other handicrafts. Quality, practicality and ecology are the basis of design and manufacturing of the products. In fabrics, I prefer OEKO-TEX®-certified and sustainably produced cottons. I also try to use the materials as efficiently as possible, so that there is as little waste as possible. I design and manufacture all products myself from start to finish. OMMELLUS’s bags and purses have been awarded the Key Flag label as a sign of Finnish work.

The joint store of Lauran OMMELLUS and ILONA Rantasalmi on Sulkava’s Alanteentie road was opened in June 2019. At the beginning of 2021, a joint store of OMMELLUS and ILONA was also opened in the center of Rantasalmi, where ILONA’s work premises are located.

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