The forest has played a significant role in the life of those living in Sulkava and has provided income from generation to generation.

Forests have been a place to live, hunt game, and gather materials for tools and useful items. Straight and decay-resistant trees have been important for building both dwellings and boats. Resin-covered trunks and stumps were used for tar burning, and tar was necessary to treat boats.

The trees in these forests have also been worshipped, and they have provided cover for spells that have guaranteed a good harvest or fortune when hunting. Plants have been eaten for sustenance, and they have been used to make medicine.

In restless times, the forest provided protection against persecutors, and during the depression it literally put food on the table due to the soft vascular cambium layer in pine trees.

Vilkaharju Nature Trail is located five kilometres from the centre of Sulkava, in beautiful a ridge and lake scenery. The path is split into two-parts, both of which can be undertaken separately. The information boards located along the nature trail inform visitors of the story of the Sulkava forest during different periods in history.

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Address: Vekarantie

Distance: about 5 km from the center.

Map link to the starting point