When trading in the countryside was freed after the mid-19th century, the total of Sulkava grew from a quiet rural village into a trading site and an inland port. The coastal road leading from Uitonsilta to the dock became the commercial centre of the village, where shopping boutiques were located side by side and where goods were stored in beachfront warehouses. Tar boats brought merchandise all the way from Vyborg and St. Petersburg. The prosperity of the traders was reflected in the street scene of the shops through the expansion from single-storey, modest wooden houses to magnificent two-storey mansard roofed stores.

The charming centre holds a nationally significant environmental attraction; the area between the shore of Saimaa and Mikkolantie. The milieu, consisting of old buildings with their traditional courtyards, creates a unique atmosphere in the area. The peaceful and original milieu of Uitonrinne attracts visitors all year round.

Important travel destinations, such as the Sulkava rowing stadium, the Kulkemus boating centre, the Sulkava guest harbour and the Tourist info operating in coffee shop Alina, are located in the area of the Sulkava centre. In summer, Kästуöpuoti, a shop selling local handicraft, also operates in the area.

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The area between Alanteentie and Mikkolantie