RAUHANNIEMI -museum area

Onks teill kalikkaa palikkaa, kurikkaa, murikkaa, umpipuuta ynnä muuta?” Kaarlo Hämäläinen, a cherisher of old objects and traditions, called out this enthusiastic question (in Finnish language) when entering houses during his collection trips.

Kaarlo Hämäläinen, who was given the title of Titular Counsillor, when working as a draughtsman and an admiral’s official in Russia. After the fall of the tsarist rule, Hämäläinen moved to his family’s lands in Sulkava and began to eagerly gather and collect local history. He collected a total of about 3,000 objects, the earliest of which were from the Stone Age. Hämäläinen, who enjoyed being a bachelor, argued that he was “married to the spirituality of ancientisity.”

As a result of the active activities of Titular Councillor Kaarlo Hämäläinen, Savupirtti Museum was founded in Sulkava and Linnavuori became a nature reserve. He sent some of his collected items to Savonlinna Provincial Museum and The National Museum of Finland.

Rauhanniemi Museum in Sulkava is one of the oldest local history museums in Southern Savo. It continues the traditions of the museum founded by Councillor Kaarlo Hämäläinen, founded in the 1930s. The museum area presents rural architecture and life from the 1800s to the 1900s. The main building is a smoke cabin transferred from the Summala farm, dating from the early 19th century. In addition, there are granaries, a smoke sauna, barn, stables and log driving museum, the objects of which tell about the world of log driving.

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Address: Vanha Lossiranta 2

Open in summer 2019:
Tuesday – Saturday
(opening hours will be announced later)