A watchman standing on the edge of the hillfort observes an enemy’s approach from a distance and warns the residents of the surrounding area by lighting a signal. In this way, locals are informed of the impending danger and they soon start to arrive at the shelter of the ancient hillfort. These were troubled times at the end of the Iron Age, when there was a fierce struggle for ownership of the wilderness.

A trip to Pisamalahti hillfort takes you to one of Finland’s most magnificent Iron Age hillforts. When looking out over Lake Saimaa from the hillfort, one can easily imagine and sense the millennial history of the spot. The hill, rising up to a height of 55 metres above Lake Saimaa, only required fortified protection on its eastern edge, where the remains of the defences have been preserved for centuries.

A marked pathway of 400 metres leads to hillfort from a parking lot. This destination is possible to reach with a boat as well. There is a camping harbour, a barbeque place and a toilet in area.

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Address: Linnavuorentie 306

Distance: 5 km from the center.