ORAVAREITTI – Squirrel Route

Canoeing route and water nature trail

Immediately after the ice left the river, the arrival of log drivers were once a sure sign of the arrival of spring for the people of Sulkava. With free-flowing water and human power, the driving of logs towards the sawmills could begin. The task of the log drivers was to control the logs floating in the river and prevent them from becoming caught up on the shore.

The participants in the driving were a motley crew ranging from log driving supervisors managing the process to adolescent boys. The driving of logs down narrow channels required solid skills and the older experts taught the first timers whilst on the job.

Today, it is the arrival of the first paddlers along the river that tells the locals that the spring has arrived. Along the old, traditional log driving routes from Juva to Sulkava, paddlers can move through the same scenery as the log drivers did back in the day. The total length of the great route for family fun is 57 km, but one can also enjoy shorter sections at leisure.

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