Vilkaharju esker

Vilkaharju is a four-kilometer long longitudinal esker that offers a great setting for admiring nature and hiking.

Vilkaharju has a two-part nature trail, of which the first part is about 3.1 km long and the second about 3.6 km long. The nature trail is signposted and marked with yellow signs on the trees.

On the trail, you can admire the esker forest and spot the common redstart, the mistle thrush and the spotted flycatcher. In the area, there are also remains of a Stone Age settlement as well as anti- tank obstacles belonging to the Salpa Line from World War II. Towards the end of the route, you can relax and enjoy snacks on Toivotuksenlahti lean-to shelter and in the summer take a dip in Lake Saimaa.

Vilkaharju is a nature reserve, which means that making a fire and camping are prohibited there.

Vekarantie 250, 58700 Sulkava

Vilkaharju on ollut luonnonsuojelualueena vuodesta 1978.

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