The shop of family Kämäräinen

Since the 1880s, the tanneries of Kalle Walhroos and Ville Hyvärinen were located on this spot. Tanners as well as turners and dyers had usually received their training for their profession from elsewhere and moved to the village to practice their profession. The largest of the three tanneries operating in the village was a company with six employees and three owners. In 1919, it produced a total of 600 pairs of boots and their raw material leather. One of the company’s owners, Hjalmar Kämäräinen, bought this house together with his brother Oskar. In the 1920s, industrially produced shoes replaced those made by craftsmen, and the brothers started running a household and coffee shop. They renovated the house to a new glory, and so the street got yet another mansard-roofed house. To make the cafe attractive, they acquired a radio, which was one of the first ones in the village.

Alanteentie 24, 58700 Sulkava

“Kämäräisen talous- ja kahviliikkeessä herkkuja sai kotieväiksi, mutta tarjottiin auliisti kahvia ja leivoksia liikkeessäkin. Lisäksi jos kellä oli kyydintarve, sai kyydin tarvitsija avun joko umpi- tai avovaunussa minne haluaa.” Näin kuvasi Savonmaan toimittaja Kämäräisten leipomoa 3.12.1927.

Katso Alanteentien kaikki kertomukset tarinakartasta.

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