The delta of Lohilahti and the ancient streambed

After the Baltic Ice Lake phase, the three local ice lakes, i.e. those of Southern Saimaa, Sääminki and North Karelia, combined to form Saimaa Ice Lake via the Lohikoski rapids. The water flowed over a wide area along several routes, and when the rapids were born, a delta was deposited in front of them to the level of Southern Saimaa Ice Lake. Today, Lohikoski Church and a cemetery are located on the delta.

At the base of the delta, there is a small kettle pond, by which there is the Markka memorial and the summer market. Nearby, you will also find a village shop, a cafe, a boat dock and a school. The distance to Lohikoski mill is about 1.5 km along Myllytie road.

Lohilahdentie 1875, 58620 Lohilahti

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