Stone Church

Stone Church is a large glacial erratic boulder with caves and an open hall-like space that have been created when the boulder has cracked. The tip of the boulder reaches a height of about 15 meters, and a dozen people can fit into its hall-like space, which is why it got its name the “stone church”.

On the west side of the boulder, there is an area of red soil, which is an indication to ancient rock paintings.

During wars, the boulder has been used as a hiding place, and according to tradition, also sun worship rituals used to be performed there. Ancient people believed that the devil lived in the boulders.

There is a parking lot at the beginning of the path that leads to Stone Church. The path is signposted.

Huosiorannantie, 58700 Sulkava

Kivikirkko sijaitsee Partalansaarella, noin 17 kilometriä Sulkavan kirkonkylältä. Kivikirkolle on ajo-opasteet Keriniementieltä.

Karttalinkki kivikirkolle.

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