Sarsuinmäki artillery battery and museum cannon

The artillery battery located on Sarsuinmäki hill on Partalansaari island is a part of the Salpa Line, and was built during the Interim Peace in 1940. The open, high hill was a good location for the cannons because this enabled securing militarily important targets. When completed, Sarsuinmäki artillery battery was Finland’s 30th fortress artillery battery. fortification artillery

The length of the barrel of the French Canet cannon is about 7 meters. The range of the cannons was 21 kilometers, and they would have been able to secure the entire current route of the Sulkava Rowing Race. Cannon test shots were fired at Sarsuinmäki, but the cannons were not involved in actual operations at this location. After the start of the Continuation War, the cannons were moved closer to the front.

In 1994, a museum cannon was placed at Sarsuinmäki as an attraction. It is similar to the cannon with which the test shots were once fired.

Hirviniementie 5, 58700 Sulkava

Sarsuinmäen tykkipatterit ja museotykki on Saimaa Geoparkin luonto- ja kulttuurikohde.



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