Markka memorial

The Markka memorial was unveiled in 2001, when Finland entered the Euro era. In addition to Finland’s own currency, markka, the memorial honors Finnish work. Lohikoski village and the elements important for the villagers: work, wood, water and water traffic, can be seen in the memorial. The memorial includes e.g. a propeller blade of an old tugboat, an anchor, drill bits and a markka coin immured into the base.

The memorial located at the Lohilahti Market Square was ordered by the Lohilahti Village Association, designed by Osmo Sinkkonen, and created by artist Mika Minkkinen from Kuopio.

Tenniskentäntie, 58620 Lohilahti

Markan muistomerkki on Saimaa Geoparkin luonto- ja kulttuurikohde.

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