Cross-country skiing

In Sulkava, you can ski on ski trails of different lengths and varying terrain.

  • On the ski trails of Kukkomäki, of which some have lights and on routes of different lengths starting from there.
  • Around the sports field, there is a short trail with lights that goes around the field and the jogging track.
  • There are ski trails in the surroundings of the sports hall. In addition, it is the starting point for a trail that goes in the direction of Saarilampi pond (Juva), where there is a hut for resting.
  • As a starting point, you can also choose the one in Tuonilahti, next to the prison.
  • Weather permitting, ski trails will be made on the ice of Lake Alanne. 

The ski trails go along fitness trails when possible. In the sidebar, there is a link to the up-to-date maintenance status of the trails.

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Kukkomäki (parking lot at Jukolantie 83)

  • Trail with lights 5 km
  • Tiittala 1,2 km
  • Härkävuori 2,5 km
  • Tetriharju

Sports hall (Liikuntahalli) (at Etelätuvantie 4)

  • Saarilampi 15 km
  • Fitness trail of the sports field
  • Trail with lights approx. 1 km

Trail with lights

  • 1.4 km (next to the school)
  • Kulttuurilatu 7 km
    (You can park your car in the yards of K-kyläkauppa Rissanen village store and voluntary fire department’s Liekki-house at Myllytie 40)

Ajantasainen latujen huoltotilanne löytyy täältä

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